Transmission technologies

The current structure of the electricity system is distinguished by significant paradigm shifts with a sharp penetration in intermittent renewable sources, a fragmentation and distribution of production points and the simultaneous movement of the value axis from energy production to the provision of service.
It was within such a rapidly evolving scenario that Terna developed its first Three-Year Innovation, Research and Development Plan in 2015, which structures the company's innovative development strategy.
Electricity transmission continues to experience great evolutions, in terms of research into efficient and effective systems to meet the paradigm shifts taking place across Europe and to be able to tackle the challenges that these entail, in line with the prescriptions of the Energy Union on the strengthening of the interconnection between systems and markets. What is at play here is not only the capacity to allocate significant volumes of renewable energy whilst at the same time, guaranteeing adequacy margins, satisfactory quality and security, but it is also necessary to create the conditions needed to achieve the ambitious targets set in terms of eco-compatibility over the next decade.

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