New corporate organization

Launched the new organization Business Plan oriented

2015 marks the official start of the new structure, based on the cornerstones of strengthening the Parent Company’s governance, guidance and control role, on defining key responsibilities on business processes and transversal responsibilities relating to staff resources: “Regulated” and “Non-Regulated” activities in terms of Operations will be carried out by Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. and Terna Plus, respectively. The Parent Company will be the sole interface for strategic stakeholders, such as national and international Institutions, the Authorities, investors and the media. It will directly govern the strategic processes associated with Regulatory Affairs, the NTG Development Plan , Security, Business Development and Innovation. This is the context that the new Strategy and Development Department falls under. Finally shared services centers have been established, namely single skills centers that can provide common services. By way of example, centers of excellence were created in the area of Human Resources and Organization, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Procurements, ICT and in Administration and Finance.

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