Electricity service costs

The Fee for procurement of resources on the DSM (so-called uplift), pursuant to AEEGSI Resolution No. 111/06 Art. 44 and subsequent amendments, represents the net expense associated with the following energy-related items: purchases and sales on the DSM, spot and forward (the latter representing premiums of contracts signed as an alternative to declaration of essentiality), remuneration of plant goodwill on the DSM (goodwill and structure change token), imbalances, congestion earnings and related financial hedges, virtual interconnection service (Interconnector) and other smaller items.
This price is invoiced pro-rata to users of the dispatching on the energy withdrawn, to cover the envisaged accruing monthly cost and the prior differences. In 2015, the total uplift cost was € 1,264 million, a 33% reduction with respect to the previous year.

On the Dispatching Services Market (DSM), Terna procures dispatching resources to guarantee the security and adequacy of the electricity system.
In 2015, the net expense on the DSM was € 1,155 million, sharply down compared with 2014 (-31%).

The hourly average price of the Italian power exchange (IPEX/PUN – Single National Price) for financial year 2015 was 52 €/MWh, in line with 2014, thus equalling the record for the lowest price since the start of the Power Exchange.

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