Developing new markets

Agreements for concrete projects development in the world

Terna-Enel Agreement for business abroad

Terna and Enel have signed a three-year agreement to identify, assess and develop integrated greenfield (for the construction of new infrastructure) and/or brownfield (for the acquisition of existing infrastructure) initiatives and opportunities associated with transmission grids in countries, other than Italy, where both Enel and Terna have strategic or commercial interests.
Terna-RTE Agreement for technical cooperation in Europe
In August, Terna signed an agreement with the French grid operator RTE to intensify technical cooperation in various areas. In addition to the project for the new cross-border electricity line between Italy and France, RTE and Terna will strengthen their commitment to developing electricity transmission infrastructure in Central – Southern Europe and the future European electricity system.
Acquisition of TES – Transformer Electro Service
In October, Terna completed the operation that combines Tamini with TES - Transformer Electro Service, another significant producer of industrial and power electrical transformers. Based on the agreement, Terna will have a 70% shareholding in Tamini’s capital, whereas the shareholders of TES will retain the remaining 30%. This acquisition resulted in an important corporate merger and further consolidated  Tamini as a leader in the industrial sector in after-sales, as well as strengthening its position in the power and utilities sector.

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