Continuity indices of the electrical service

These indices are significant for the system because they monitor the frequency and impact of events that have occurred on the electricity grid attributable to faults or to external factors such as meteorological events.
For all of them, with the exception of the RENS, the period of observation available is of more than ten years in which no significant changes are noted, testifying to the good quality of the service achieved.
We must point out that, at the moment of publication of this report, the figures for the indicators AIT, ENS and RENS for the year 2015 are not available while awaiting the totals released by the AEEGSI. However, the provisional data show better performance than the targets.
It must be stressed, finally, that the relevant index for the purposes of the impact on regulated revenue is the service continuity indicator entitled RENS.

INDICATOR RENS (Regulated Energy Not Supplied)

Continuity indices of the electrical service
Continuity indices of the electrical service
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