Other activities

Terna and Non-Regulated Activities

The development of Non-Regulated Activities pursues the objective of further enhancing the assets held and Terna’s distinctive skills in the implementation and management of infrastructure, in particular at High Voltage, in Italy and abroad.

Activities performed in Italy

During financial year 2014, Terna Plus continued to perform activities related to work orders for third parties connected to the creation and/or extension of power stations for photovoltaic, wind and industrial systems, and the provision of installation, activation and rental services to independent operations for Rapidly Installable Connection Stations (henceforth, “RICSs”)17, to which it added the concession in use service for the MV/HV substations (user cabins) used to connect photovoltaic systems owned by third parties.
The other Non-Regulated Activities performed by the Terna Group include mostly specialised services provided to third parties mainly relating to systems engineering services, the operation and maintenance of High and Extra High Voltage plants and the housing of telecommunications equipment and optical fibre grid maintenance services (in particular for the Wind Group). Also important is fulfilling orders to make changes to the NTG, with particular reference to activities related to Expo 2015.


With reference to the development of interconnections with nearby countries, Terna’s actions worked towards the goal of greater security, savings and sustainability for supplies. Investments in foreign countries are an indispensable action for diversification with respect to investments within in Italy. This all occurs, with an eye to a “country-wide system”, in cooperation with energy operators with a strong presence abroad.With regard to the first type of investment, Italy is the most interconnected state in Europe; particularly with the Mediterranean countries: France, Slovenia, Greece and soon Malta (in 2015) and Montenegro (in 2019). 

Development abroad

Focusing international development on the Mediterranean basin allows Terna to benefit from Italy’s competitive advantage: its geographical positioning – not only a potential outlet market but a hub between continental Europe and the Mediterranean. This also has an impact on the security of the system; following the integration of renewable sources in the grid, and European regulations to create a single market, it is essential to create strong interconnections with foreign countries and, therefore, natural outlet markets such as the Balkans and North Africa. Foreign investments, focused on countries with positive growth trends, predictable regulatory/legal structures and the need to establish electricity infrastructure, represent a business opportunity for the Group, allowing it to take advantage of its world class skills and best practices.


On 20 May 2014 the operation to acquire the Tamini Group by Terna Plus S.r.l. was completed. The Group operates in the production and sale of industrial and power transformers, through 4 production plants located throughout Italy, in Legnano, Melegnano, Novara and Valdagno. Acquisition of the Tamini Group represents an opportunity to strengthen a historic Italian industrial company, recognised for its excellence in the electrical sector both in Italy and abroad. 

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