Energy context

Demand for electricity in Italy

For the third consecutive year, demand for electrical energy in Italy fell. In 2014, the demand for electrical energy in Italy was 309,006 million kWh (provisional data), a drop of -3.0% in comparison with 2013, which, in turn, ended with the same decline compared with 2012. The electricity demand recorded this year takes us back to the same level as the early years of the 21st century.
When comparing the 2014 results with those of the previous year, with same days and temperatures, the above decline was 2.1%. Calendar and temperature effects in this instance are cumulative: in conjunction with an average temperature that was approximately half a degree lower in the summer months and more than two degrees higher in the winter months, 2014, while having the same number of days as 2013, had two fewer working days.

Electricity balance sheet for Italy 

GWh 2014 2013 Change %
Net production 267,557 278,832 (11,275) (4.0%)
From foreign suppliers 46,724 44,338 2,386 5.4%
Sold to foreign clients 3,021 2,200 821 37.3%
For pumping 2,254 2,495 (241) (9.7%)
Total demand in Italy 309,006 318,475 (9,469) -3,0%

The trend of electricity requirements in Italy in 2014, compared to the previous year, is shown in the graph below: 

Table Energy context Annual Report 2014 Terna S.p.A.

Electricity generation

In 2014, net Italian production was 267,557 million kWh (provisional data), showing a fall of 4.0% from the previous year. The same production, divided according to source, shows that, in comparison with 2013, there was a fall in the production of thermal energy and an increase in production from renewable sources19 including wind, solar and geothermal. There
was also a sharp increase in hydroelectric production (please see the following table).

Electricity production in Italy 

GWh 2014 2013 Change %
Net hydro generation 58,067 54,068 3,99 7.4%
Net thermal production 165,684 183,404 (17,720) (9.7%)
Net wind, photovoltaic and geothermal production 43,806 41,360 2,446 5.9%
Total net production 267,557 278,832 (11,275) (4.0%)
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